27th ANNUAL PERCUSSION WORKSHOP International Courses for Composers and Percussion Players

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Clarence Barlow (GB) composer, Corwin Endowed Chair and Head of Composition
at University of California Santa Barbara: „It was an honour when Dr. Ivo Medek invited me in
2013 to participate in the 17th Annual Percussion Workshop of the Symposium Trstěnice 2013, which
took place that year from June 28 to July 7. My co-participants, apart from Dr. Medek himself, were German
percussionist-composer Jeff Beer, Czech-German percussionist Tomáš Ondrušek and German percussionist Olaf
Tzschoppe, all renowned representatives of their field. In the contemporary music world, percussion is a very complex
instrument, which composers have been increasingly resorting to, starting in the 20th century with illustrious personages
such as Edgard Varese. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for composers and percussionists to get together for
the former to better learn the technicalities of the instruments and for the latter to experience the aesthetic intentions of the former. Their mutual exchange and influence is of great benefit to all concerned, including the music-loving audience. This opportunity was richly provided in Trstěnice with a very informative series of lectures, concerts and discussions. The meals provided were also a great opportunity to make contacts and for further discussion. I highly recommend this symposium. Trstěnice is a quiet picturesque village situated in a wooded area and quite near to the lovely town of Svitavy, which is worth a visit, not only because of tasty Czech food.“

David Rosenboom (USA) composer, the dean of the California Institute of the Arts: „The International Composition and Percussion Courses that have taken place for years in Trstenice are like a rich garden in which inspiring new ideas in music grow and are shared. They are a creative retreat that operates like a family gathering in a beautiful, natural setting, away from urban noise, where high-level practitioners engage with each other and bond in vigorous, creative camaraderie. Together, the participants explore new ideas, experiment, and critique outcomes in ways that can fuel the evolution of their practices for years to come.“

Martijn Padding (NL) – composer, the head of the Departement of Composition, Royal Conservatory Den Haag: „Set in the
amazing landscape of the Czech hills, the International Composition and Percussion Courses Trstenice is among the finest
courses for any young composer. Working with great artists/coaches all off the beaten track, it is a perfect place to learn and
workshop and build friendships and networks that might stay for the rest of lives. Under guidance of composer Ivo Medek
the course has become a standard for every composer interested in working with and writing for percussion. There is
no stylistic hierarchy, there are no rules. There is just very positive creativity and friendliness.“

Ulrich murphy (D-USA) – professor of composition, head of the departement, CalArts LA, USA
"The International Composition and Percussion Courses in Trstenice are a great resource for
young composers and percussionists to engage with an international, seminal cast of
instructors and artists. This course is designed to open up minds to new
possibilities and new aesthetic directions for the 21st century and
the changing artistic landscape it brings."
Other lecturers:
guests 1997 – 2021

Vinko Globokar
Tristan Murail
Dimitris Andrikopoulos
Martin Smolka
Marek Kopelent
Yurii Kasparov
Mathias Steinauer
Olaf Tschoppe
Francois Rivalland
Christian Dierstein
Laszló Hudaczek,
among others…