27th ANNUAL PERCUSSION WORKSHOP International Courses for Composers and Percussion Players

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Ivo Medek (CZ) Genevieve Murphy (CZ) Dieter Mack (CZ) Jeff Beer (Germany) Tomáš Ondrůšek (CZ-D) Martin Švec (SK)

Dieter Mack is one of the most renowned German composers of the last decades.both from the point of view of artistic outputs and pedagogical activities at several universities as the regular professor (Freiburg, Lübeck) and tens of masterclasses, residencies and short-time stays at several universities and music centres in Europe, Australia, USA and Asia. His compositions (except early publications at Bärenreiter) has been published at Verlag Neue Musik Berlin. His compositions were performed at prestigious festivals accross the world by famous orchestras and soloists. Dieter Mack is well known expert in the field of gamelan music (spending long time in Bali, founding Balinese Gamelan Orchestra in Freiburg, Curator for “Contemporary Gamelan Music Festival“) and researcher in the specific sphere of Asian ethnic music.

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